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Its unique design features a writing head that extends beyond the machine, making it possible to draw on objects bigger than the machine itself. It can also write/draw on textiles, such as T shirts. (From AxiDraw user Dan Anderson via AxiDraw blog .) Father Justin is a Greek Orthodox monk at St. Catherine’s, the world’s oldest still-working monastery located in Egypt’s Sinai desert. His task is to digitize the monastery’s collection of ancient manuscripts, and during this project, he and his confréres have also been uncovering the hidden writing beneath the written text. From the BBC : A team of scientists and photographers working alongside Fr Justin has been using multi-spectral imaging to reveal passages hidden beneath the manuscripts' visible text. This is because, back in the day (and we’re talking circa first-century AD), when monks needed a fresh sheet of parchment to write down the Gospels or other text, they would recycle whatever seemingly unimportant books or documents they had hanging around. They did this by scraping or scrubbing the original ink off and writing over the erased surface. These reused manuscripts are known as palimpsests. At least 170 of the 4,500 manuscripts in the [St.

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